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Note: Your webserver does not seem to support mod_rewrite (used in /min/.htaccess). Your Minify URIs will contain "?", which may reduce the benefit of proxy cache servers.

Minify URI Builder

Create a list of Javascript or CSS files (or 1 is fine) you'd like to combine and click [Update].

Minify URI

Place this URI in your HTML to serve the files above combined, minified, compressed and with cache headers.

URI/min (opens in new window)

How to serve these files as a group

For the best performance you can serve these files as a pre-defined group with a URI like: /min/?g=keyName

To do this, add a line like this to /min/groupsConfig.php:

return array(
    ... your existing groups here ...


Make sure to replace keyName with a unique key for this group.

Find URIs on a Page

You can use the bookmarklet below to fetch all CSS & Javascript URIs from a page on your site. When you active it, this page will open in a new window with a list of available URIs to add.

Create Minify URIs (right-click, add to bookmarks)

Combining CSS files that contain @import

If your CSS files contain @import declarations, Minify will not remove them. Therefore, you will want to remove those that point to files already in your list, and move any others to the top of the first file in your list (imports below any styles will be ignored by browsers as invalid).

If you desire, you can use Minify URIs in imports and they will not be touched by Minify. E.g. @import "/min/?g=css2";

Debug Mode

When /min/config.php has $min_allowDebugFlag = true; you can get debug output by appending &debug to a Minify URL, or by sending the cookie minDebug=<match>, where <match> should be a string in the Minify URIs you'd like to debug. This bookmarklet will allow you to set this cookie.

Minify Debug (right-click, add to bookmarks)

Need help? Check the wiki, or post to the discussion list.

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